Prana Fall 2016 Line

I just love the folks at Prana. They're so nice and so generous with bloggers. Full disclosure, they offered to send me a top and bottom of my choice from their fall line free of charge in exchange for a post. Now, I don't always say yes to these deals. If I wouldn't chose to wear/use a product myself, I'm not going to lie to y'all and tell you that it's great when it's not. 

Luckily, I don't have to fake it at all with my love for Prana. Literally all of my hiking pants are Prana because they're just the best. They look great, feel great/flexible, and they're not crazy expensive. 

From their fall line, I chose the Devan Henley and the Kara Jean. I got really stressed out trying to chose one of each, but I couldn't be happier with my choices. 

If you're a friend of mine in Boulder, CO, and you've seen me in the last two weeks, you've probably seen me wearing these pieces. I'm in the henley almost every single day, along with my new Birkenstocks that I finally bit the bullet on and purchased. So worth it. Seriously. 

The Devan Henley is made of organic cotton and it fits slouchy and cozy. I ordered an extra small, which I was nervous about because I don't like to wear tight-fitting stuff most of the time. It's super comfortable, and you can layer it on top of a tank or t-shirt. I keep it in my bag because the temperature range in Colorado is ridiculous-- high of 88 and low of like 50. Inevitably, if we're out for more than a couple hours, I'm going to need a sweater. I suppose you could wear it alone as a shirt, but I don't do that. Gotta maximize how often I can wear it before it needs to be washed again. 

The Kara Jean is also made of organic cotton. I have a hard time finding jeans to fit my butt/waist situation. I guess this is a #girlswhosquat problem, but I when I find jeans to fit my butt, they're way too big in the waist. These babies fit like a glove. They're perfectly roomy where they need to be and fitted where they need to be. They're flexible so I don't feel like I'm going to rip a seam when I bend down. In fact, I feel like I could maybe do some light yoga in these. 

This is a great outfit for late summer/early fall. And could last even later in the year with layers on top. 

If you want to check out Prana's fall line, you can head over to their website and use the code PranaFallStyle16 for 15% off your purchase until Sept 30!

Happy soon-to-be fall, y'all!