Pregnancy Poems: Baby It's You - 3rd Trimester


And here it is -- the final installment of my mom's pregnancy poems series (and my favorite of the bunch)! To catch up on the ones she wrote for previous trimesters, you can read them here: 1st Trimester | 2nd Trimester.

Baby It's You

You’re everything solid, everything true,
I’m totally, utterly in love with you!
There’s a song in my heart that I just can’t stop singing,
a skip in my step from the pleasure you’re bringing.
You entered my life as if from a dream
Showing me more than I would have seen. 
With butterflies lifting, you make the sun rise
Quirky and lovely, such an endless surprise.
10 perfect fingers, 10 precious toes.
Just one more kiss on your little pink nose!
Your twinkling eyes have a wisdom profound,
Your beauty and grace already astound.
My love is a mountain, so tall and so high.
Looking at you is like touching the sky.
I’m kicking my heels, and dancing a jig!
Spinning and swinging my smile gets so big.
I’m lost in the moment right now, right here.
Fulfilled and contented to hold you, my dear.
You’re the rain in my dessert, sure to refresh.
You’re a tangle of vines, sure to enmesh. 
You’re already smart, and sure to be clever.
I will marvel at you forever and ever.
You’re first on my mind, with every breath that I take
The factor defining, each move that I make. 
I have a fridge; your picture is on it.
Complete with rattle, diaper and bonnet. 
I have a wallet; your picture is in it.
I tell stories of you each day without limit. 
Lay your head in my arms, 
close your eyes and take rest.
You’re the love of my life,
And baby you’re blessed.
You’re the wind in my sails.
You’re the wag in dog’s tails,
You’re the sun in my sky.
You’re the clouds drifting by. 
Skipping and giggling are the things I now do.
There’s peace and contentment to know that it’s you
Who’s everything solid, everything true. 
And I’m totally, utterly, in love with you!

by Kathy Parks