Pyramid of Pain


This is the workout we did on Saturday that completely kicked my butt. It's Wednesday and I'm still having trouble getting up and down the stairs! This is an incredible full body workout that focuses a lot on legs. You do the whole thing for time which really makes it intense cardio as well. I dare you to give this workout a try!

Don't forget to start a stopwatch at the beginning. Remember, you are racing the clock!

100 jump squats - Start in a butt-to-ground squat (make sure your knees stay behind your toes on this one. Think about pushing your butt backwards). From the squat, jump up and cushion the landing by coming back into a squat. Each jump counts as one rep. This one will take you a while, you may need to do them in sets of 20 or 10 with a short breather in between.

75 butt kicks - Start standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down and jump up with both heels tapping your butt at the same time. I did this one in sets of 10 and then slowed down to sets of 5 towards the end. Each jump counts as one rep.

50 ski abs - Start in a forearm plank position. Jump your feet over to the right and then back to center (keeping your forearms on the ground the whole time). That counts as one rep. Then jump your feet over to the left and back to center. That counts as a second rep.

40 tricep dips - You will need a table, chair, or bench for this one. Face away from the table and place your palms down on the surface with your fingers pointed towards your body. Extend your legs out straight in front of you and walk them out a bit. Bend your arms at the elbow, creating a right angle and then press back up (you may need to adjust your legs out/in some to get the right angle). Each dip counts as one rep.

30 roley poley - Start standing (preferably on grass or a mat). Bend your knees, sit down, and then roll back to where your head touches the ground and your hips come up off the ground above you. Roll back up and immediately press yourself back up to standing (try not to use your hands to push yourself up). That counts as one rep.

20 jump lunges - Start with your right leg out in front of you and your hands on your hips. Bend your knees and lunge, tapping your left knee on the ground (make sure your right knee isn't further forward than your toes). From the bent knee position, power up and jump, switching your lunge so that your left leg is now in front. Bend to lunge, and jump up switching legs again. That counts as one rep (so you're really doing 20 on each leg).

10 long jumps - Start standing with your feet together. Bend your knees and jump forward as far as you can (both feet jumping and landing at the same time). Using the swinging motion of your arms is going to help you a lot on this one. Each jump is one rep.

10 suicides - Sprint out 30-50 yards. That counts as one rep. Sprint back to where you started. That counts as a second rep.

20 burpees - Start standing. Jump up, squat down, shoot your legs back to a pushup position, lower your chest all the way to the ground (lifting your hands up momentarily), push back up, jump your legs forward into squat, and jump up again. Count your reps starting from each standing jump up.

30 pushups - Pretty straight forward... Do 30 pushups. These can be from your feet or from your knees. Do what you can.

40 walking lunges - Start standing with hands on hips. Step forward with your right foot and bend into lunge, tapping your left knee on the ground. Step your left leg in front and lunge on that side. Each leg counts as one rep (20 reps each leg total).

50 mountain climbers - Start in a pushup position. You are just going to pedal your feet -- it's a similar motion to the jump lunge but your hands are on the ground. So you just kind of run on the ground right leg in front then left then right... Do 50 reps on each leg. You will probably need to take some breaks.

75 butterfly situps - Sit down in butterfly position with the bottoms of your feet together. Lay down and reach your arms overhead. Using the momentum of your arms, sit up quickly and touch your feet. That counts as one rep. I did this one in sets of 25.

100 jack squats - Think about your standard jumping jack, but when your feet and arms are in, come into a low squat. In the squat, your feet will be together and you will be low enough that you can touch your ankles with your hands. Each squat counts as one rep. I did this one in sets of 25.

I finished this whole thing in 37 min. Try this out and let me know what you thought/your time in the comment section below!

Also, if you are confused by one of the exercises and want me to do a video of this one, let me know!