Race Recap: BolderBoulder 10K 2017


I am really super proud of myself for my performance at this race!

I love this race. As I mentioned in my race recap last year, I think it's really cool that this race is set up to be enjoyable for anyone -- you can race it, you can jog it pregnant [me this year], you can slip and slide it, you can run it tipsy, you can walk it with a baby on your back, you can run it dressed like a pizza -- any way you want to participate is fair game and there are hundreds of others also doing it just like you. 

Pre Race

I peed literally 5 times between when I woke up and when I started running at 7:30am. Yep, that's my life right now. There were tons of potties right by the start line, so I made sure to empty out as close to the start line as possible. Side note: I don't know how women in their second trimester and beyond run halfs or fulls. I guess maybe they just are totally cool with stopping to use the potty.

While I qualified for the BB wave with my time from last year, I knew that wasn't where I belonged this year. My friend Katie volunteered to keep me company and jog next to me for this year's race and we started with the FG wave, I think -- she had also qualified for an earlier wave. 

The Race

We started out at a conservative 9:16 pace (let's compare that for a second to my first mile pace last year, which was 7:01). I felt really good, no back pain, no foot pain; I was a happy camper. Katie and I chatted and it was quite lovely. 

I had expected to need to walk the hills (the course has quite the elevation profile for a 10k), but I didn't walk ANY of them! In fact, I didn't walk at all throughout the whole course. 

I thought I might have to stop to pee, but I told myself to make it to mile 3, and then the need disappeared. I was able to hold out until after the finish line! I didn't choose to take water at all along the course, but I drank water when I woke up in the morning and a lot after the race was over, so it was totally fine. 

My finish time was 58:05. Which is great! And I'm truly proud of being able to do that.

What I Consumed

  • At home upon waking up: 16oz water + banana
  • After the race: lots of free snacks + water

What I Wore

  • Nike capri tights
  • Target brand long sleeve (I wished I had worn a tank top)
  • Newton Fate shoes
  • Feetures socks
  • Garmin 630
  • Lululemon headband
  • My go-to race french braid

I was really happy to be on this course again this year, and I plan to do it again every single year in some capacity. However, I can't help but feel a little vainly sad when looking at my photos from this year vs last year. Last year's photo is still perhaps one of my favorite race photos I've ever seen of myself. Pregnancy has definitely opened up my eyes to my own vanity. I'm working on it and I know, I'm halfway through my pregnancy in the photo on the left and I'm not pregnant/gearing up for a BQ in the photo on the right. It's still hard for me. I should write about this whole thought process in another post another day. But for now, welcome to a snapshot of my current brain.