Races On My Bucket List

This post was inspired by my friend Katie's Race Bucket List.

With a handful of races under my belt and on the horizon, and a renewed passion for running, I've started to compile a list of races that I know I want to do someday. I really like the idea of travel racing, signing up for destination races and forcing Matt and I to see new places. He's not into running, but he is into travel. So hopefully I can get him on board with at least some of these.

NYC would be on this list, but I'm already running that one in November! 

Pike's Peak Ascent & Marathon

I don't know why, but this race sounds so exciting to me. When I talk to people about wanting to do it, I often get responses like, "Ugh. Why?" and, "Seriously? There's no air up there." Haters gonna hate, you know? Yeah, I get that it's not gonna be easy to gain 7,815 ft of elevation while running. And I get that it's hard to breathe at an altitude of 14,115 ft. I get it. But I wouldn't do it for time. I'd do it for fun, for a challenge. I think the Ascent (half marathon) course would be extra fun, because you finish at the top of the mountain where you can hang out, drink hot chocolate, and eat donuts. 

Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

I've always wanted to visit the Redwood Forest, and what better way to see as much of it as possible than to run around it for a couple hours?!

Boston Marathon

Probably not a surprise here. I'm trying to qualify for Boston at the NYC Marathon this year. It's a race I think most runners want to check off their list. 

Golden Gate Dirty 30

This is the first Ultramarathon I think I want to try. It's only 30 miles (50k) and it's really close to where I currently live, so wouldn't require travel. The course looks beautiful, and it's said to be a good race for beginner ultramarathonners. 

Those are kind of my top 4. Others that I'd like to do include:

  • Chicago Marathon
  • Big Sur Marathon
  • Honolulu Marathon
  • Walt Disney Marathon

I need to do more research on good ultra races that aren't 100 miles. I love running on trails, so I might end up converting to 50ks after Boston. We'll see!

Which races are on your list?