Recent Happenings

After finishing and basically winning the NYC Marathon (I obviously didn't actually win, I just feel like such a winner about it), I took a nice, long break from both running and blogging. I really really needed it. I love schedules, I love training, I love being creative, but sometimes we all just need a break, you know?

That being said, I'm meeting with my coach after work today to talk about new goals and preparing for the Woodlands Half Marathon I'm signed up for in March. I'm also running the ColderBoulder 5K on Saturday, but considering the fact that I've barely been running over the past month, I'm not expecting anything spectacular. 

So if I haven't been running or blogging, what the heck have I been doing with my time?! A lot of really happy things.


Matt and I have barely been home over the past month. We were in NYC for over a week for my quarterly office visit + the race. Then we went to Breckenridge for Staff Retreat (Matt works at our church here in Boulder). Then we road tripped down to Texas to see family for Thanksgiving.

Even though we both lived in Texas for most of our lives, neither of us had ever been to Palo Duro Canyon before -- it's so far from Houston. We finally got to see it on our way back to Colorado!

Spending Time With Family

We don't go home or Christmas. It's just too chaotic + Matt works at a church. So Thanksgiving is our big trip to see family. For our extended families, it's pretty much the only time we see them all year. 

I really loved being able to spend time eating meals and making puzzles with my family. Puzzle-making was always our holiday tradition and I now live in a non-puzzling house, so I've missed that a lot. 


I've gotten a ton of sleep, drank a lot of decaf tea, and spent a lot of time foam rolling/in the hot tub this month. And it has been so great. I got my first pedicure in years while we were in Breckenridge. After beating my body up for 6mo training for that BQ, I thought I deserved some R&R. 


I'm trying to rebuild the habit of morning bible reading. I want it to be as ingrained into my routine as brushing my teeth is. Since I've had a lot more free time recently, I have really had zero excuse to not make time to do it. And I wanted to build that habit before I got back into my regular routine.

Also, during our road trips, we have been listening to Harry Potter on Audible. We're almost done with book 4 now! Matt has never read them before, and I haven't read them since they came out, so it's been fun to listen together.