Seattle, WA - Snoqualmie Falls


If you're looking for an intense, backwoods, secluded hike, this is not the one for you. If, however, you are pregnant and looking to see some pretty stuff with minimal effort/risk of falling/not having to carry a pack, this mini hike is perfect. 

There are two viewpoints for Snoqualmie Falls. Technically, you can just park at the lower falls, walk 5min, go back to the car, drive to the upper falls lot, walk 2min, and be done. We wanted to put a little effort in, so we parked at the lower falls, went to the viewpoint, then hiked up to see the upper falls viewpoint, and came back down to the car. 

If you do that, you're looking at a 250ft net gain on the way to the upper falls and a 1.4ish mile hike round trip. 

It was green and lush (and crowded) but gorgeous. Worth the drive, for sure. And would be a great opportunity to bring kids outdoors without too much hassle. 


We took this trip up to Seattle with one of my close friends & her fiance. This was a quick little getaway during our mostly city-centric trip. 


I think I liked the view from the top better than the bottom. What do you think?