Setting Up Intervals on the Garmin FR 220


Maybe I'm the only dummy who didn't realize you could set up interval workouts on the Garmin 220 -- but maybe I'm not! If you guys use a Garmin watch to track your workouts and want to incorporate speed work, this mini tutorial might help you out too.

It's actually really simple and useful, both for tracking and for timing. 

  1. Unlock the watch by clicking the Runner button twice
  2. Select Menu
  3. Select Training
  4. Scroll down to select Intervals
  5. Select Edit
  6. For this example, I'm setting up a 6x 1 minute strides/2 min recovery with a 2 mile warm up and cool down
  7. So I'd select Interval
  8. Scroll down to Type and select Time and then return to the previous screen
  9. Select Duration and change the duration to 1 minute and then return back to the Intervals screen
  10. Scroll down to Rest and set the rest period to 2 minutes
  11. Return to the Intervals screen and set the Repeat to 6x
  12. Return to the intervals screen and make sure warm up and cool down are set to On

That's it! Now that's saved as your interval workout. When you go to do the workout, instead of just clicking the Runner button to start, you go to Training, Intervals, Do Workout. The Warm Up/Cool Down periods will go until you press the lap button. Once you click the lap button, the intervals start and you don't have to click anything else until you're done. The watch will give you a beeping 5 second countdown for the change in interval and will help you count how many you've done. It's pretty fantastic. 

Also, once you upload the data to Garmin connect, you can look at your splits to see how much distance you covered at each interval. 

Pretty neat, right?