SoulCycle vs. Peloton

Want to know how I spent my MLK extended weekend? In spin class! The gym I go to in Brooklyn is gloriously affordable ($20 a month!), but the classes are laughable. Absolutely not worth my time. So I haven't really been to many classes since moving here two years ago. 

One of my friends/coworkers asked me how I wanted to celebrate my birthday -- with lunch or dinner or drinks or even a workout class. As soon as she mentioned "workout class," I knew exactly what class I wanted to take: Robin Arzon's at Peloton. 

Backstory: I've been following Robin on social media for almost a year now. I listened to both of her interviews on the Rich Roll podcast, and was deeply inspired by her story. Robin was a corporate lawyer who, after a life-threatening event, decided to drop the law gig and pursue a career that she was truly passionate about. She's now a well-known endurance athlete, Peloton instructor, and magazine co-founder at UndoOrdinary

Here are the two interviews: 

Episode 137 actually accompanied and inspired me through the Brooklyn Half Marathon last May. I'd highly recommend it for a long run listen!

That same day that my coworker and I signed up for Robin's free class on MLK day, another friend of mine mentioned that SoulCycle was offering free classes over the weekend as well. She and I signed up for their Friday morning Britney Spears themed class. 

Here are the pros and cons of each:



  • Fun class with a great playlist
  • Great, dance energy from the instructor
  • Instructor helped set up newbies on their bikes


  • Reaallllyyy close to other riders
  • You have to pay $2 for smart water
  • No numbers on the resistance gear
  • Not enough intervals
  • Arms workout part (lots of reps with 2lb weights) was straight up a waste of time -- I signed up for a cardio workout
  • Maybe it's just me, but I had a really hard time switching which foot was on the down beat for each song
  • Personally, I wasn't a big fan of the ambient candle lighting



  • Robin Arzon - strong, inspiring, motivational. She was also super willing to take a photo with me after class
  • Playlist - more on the edgy side vs SoulCycle's poppy playlist
  • More space between riders
  • Free water
  • Competition scoreboard on a screen in front of your bike
  • Velocity and resistance numbers shown on screen


  • I almost didn't get a bike because their computer system had a glitch
  • NSFW - some swearing, but she did give a heads up at the beginning of the class

Overall, I enjoyed both classes. SoulCycle felt more "fun" whereas Peloton felt more tough. All in all I think choosing between the two is just a matter of preference.