Spot Targeting - It's not a real thing


If you're a human being in America, you probably have at least one part of your body (you know the one) that you think could use a little extra TLC. If you're a gal, it's either the backs of your arms, your tummy, or your booty -- those are the most common ones I hear. It goes something like this:

Hey Bridget, do you have an exercise that will help me to lose my love handles?

What abs exercises can I do to get a six pack?

What workouts do you recommend for losing the fat on the backs of my arms?

I've lost a bunch of weight, I just can't seem to lose it off my glutes. Should I start doing a bunch of lunges?

Unfortunately (for all of us), it doesn't work like that. You can do 5 billion crunches every day and never see your abs. Revealing muscle and losing fat in specific places is just a product of losing fat overall. The first place your body gains fat is going to be the last place you lose fat. 

So all those workouts that say "tone up your thighs" or "8 exercises for six pack abs" will not get you where you are hoping on their own. You don't get to pick where you lose fat.

So really, to answer all of your questions about all of your target areas, here are some tips for losing overall body fat. 

  1. Incorporate HIIT cardio into your weekly routine
    • HIIT burns a ton of calories quickly and is more effective than long distance/steady state cardio for fat loss
  2. Drink an absurd amount of water
    • 100oz+ a day
  3. Eat more protein
    • Your precious muscles need protein so that you lose fat (and not muscle) when you're leaning out
  4. Cut back on carbs (especially starchy carbs)
    • Eat well, and avoid breads, pastas, and sweets
  5. Lift heavy weights
    • Don't worry about looking bulky (you have to try really hard and up your carbs for that to happen)

Once you start losing fat overall, your muscles will start revealing themselves. If you're lifting weight and eating well, you have the muscle -- you just need to shed the fat blanket that is covering them up! 

Fat blanket - yuck. Sounds really negative and sad. But instead of viewing it like that, just think of the whole fat loss experience as a challenge of self control, will power, and determination. It can be a really positive and life-changing experience that can change not only your physical body, but also your ability to have those challenging qualities in other areas of your life as wellf