Stop Looking Like a Tourist and Start Looking Like a Blogger


One of the things that I really try to avoid in the city, in general, is looking like a tourist. This has proved to be extra difficult as a blogger who brings her camera around with her. My giant, clunky camera bag just screams -- Hi. I'm a tourist. Please steal my wallet out of my back pocket. And my stock Canon camera strap doesn't help. 

Recently, I've had a photographer upgrade, and I thought it would be interesting/valuable for me to share that info with you!

1. Upgrade your supplies

I upgraded my camera bag and my strap and I think it made a world of a difference. I no longer have to be embarrassed about carrying my camera around! I no longer have to stow my camera in my regular purse, carry it around by itself (just asking for someone to snatch it from me), or hide my giant bag inside of a Trader Joe's bag (yup. I did that yesterday to take the above photo).

Here are my new best friends:



I upgraded from my ugly Canon strap to this super cute EarthyZig strap from Modstraps. I feel like having such a cute and personal-looking strap makes me look like I'm more serious about photography and not just a tourist who bought a DSLR and uses the Auto setting all the time.

The strap is really well made -- sturdy, comfortable, and made of quality materials. I love the softness on the inside of the strap too! As an added bonus it has a quick release functionality so that I can take my camera off the strap super easily if I need to. 

And did I mention these are made in my beloved Texas??



When I saw these bags online, I was so incredibly pleased. This would solve my clunky bag problem. The Allison is perfect for me. It's black, like most of my stuff (and so classic New York), and it straight up looks like a purse. I can be sneaky on the subway with my camera. Nobody would guess that there was a camera in my black leather purse. This is great because it encourages me to bring my camera with me more often -- which is always a good thing for bloggers, as the best camera is the one you have with you at the right moment. 

This bag has 3 compartments inside for my camera/extra lens and then for any normal purse stuff. It also has front pockets and one thin back pocket. I can use this as both a purse and a camera bag!

2. Follow photo etiquette 

There is a lot of etiquette for NYC that will make locals not hate you, but I want to specifically talk about the ones in relation to taking photos.

Be aware that your photo isn't the most important thing in the world

Other people are trying to get places. Don't step out in front of them. Don't stop in the middle of a sidewalk. You aren't the only person using the sidewalk, so just be aware of that. 

Step out of the way

Make sure you have pulled to the side of the sidewalk (out of the main walking path) and then take your photo. This will make everyone happy and will keep you from looking like an inconsiderate tourist. 

Those are really the main two things to keep in mind -- be courteous to other people. They're probably in a hurry. 

How do you keep from looking like a tourist in the city?