Taking It Easy During Postpartum Recovery


As someone who loves working out, likes being in control of my physique, and uses running as a substitute for antidepressants, you can imagine how much I am DYING to get doctor approval to workout again. 

Well, I have to wait another 3 weeks. 

Most doctors recommend only walking as exercise for the first 6 weeks postpartum. Part of me wants to break the rules because I had an abnormally smooth/easy delivery, due to Shep deciding to come a month early, but the rule follower part of me definitely overpowers that tiny rebellious voice. 

I want to get back out there, but I know that I would have so many regrets if I tried to go back too soon, ended up with complications with my recovery, and prolonged my inability to workout. That would be terrible. It's much better to wait another 3 weeks than to try to get back to it too soon and be out of commission for several months. 

Additionally, I just don't have a ton of time on my hands these days. My life revolves around feeding the baby every 3 hours. As I mentioned on Instagram the other day, I naively thought that I'd have time for projects and hobbies and outings, etc. during maternity leave. I was very wrong. I barely have time/energy to feed myself. And when I do get spare time between feedings, I just want to snuggle with my little guy. 


I've come to really enjoy my daily walks with Shepherd. I think they're doing a good job of replacing running for the time being in keeping me sane. I'm able to get outside, move around, and process through my thoughts while my baby naps in the stroller or wrap. 

It's a shift of mindset that I'm working on. Instead of whining about how I can't workout. I'm trying to cherish these quiet days home with my baby. I know he won't be this sleepy and snuggly forever, and I just want to soak it all in. 


To all of you mommas out there who are about to have a baby or recently had a baby, I'd recommend to you that you take the full 6 weeks off -- not only working out, but also just trying to do too many things.

It's okay to stay home in your PJs all day long. It's okay to go days without seeing/talking to an adult other than your husband. It's okay if you haven't gotten back to your pre-pregnancy weight or shape yet. Remember, your body changed a lot over the last 9 months. It's going to take some time and patience for it to go back to where it was before. And it probably might not look exactly the same. I think my bellybutton will probably always look a little different, and that is totally okay. My body created and grew a human being, and that's a miracle, a gift from God. 

You're amazing, momma. Your body has done an incredible thing. Give it a break, and just enjoy the snuggles.