The Good Kind of Full


As you probably know by now, Matt and I have been back in Houston visiting friends an family for a while now. We flew in from Brooklyn the Saturday before Thanksgiving and fly back tomorrow - 10 days in Houston. 

Being here (Houston) has been really interesting. When people have asked, "How does it feel to be back?" I have responded, "Nostalgic but uncomfortable at the same time."

It's kinda weird. 

Matt and I definitely experienced culture shock when we first moved to the city, but after being there for 8 months, we have started to get into a groove and Brooklyn has really started to feel like home. And so now, coming back to Texas makes us experience a bit of culture shock. And it almost feels like we are reliving a past life -- you know how it feels when you hang out with friends from High School in your home town? or when you go back to visit your college with college friends? It's like a blast from the past and your brain gets a little confused like Wait, are we back here again? How does my current self fit in here?

I don't know... it's just weird.

We were here for Thanksgiving, and have had every single meal booked with people. It hasn't been a relaxing trip at all, but it has been good. 

At this point, you're probably wondering, What does all this rambling have to do with the title of the post?

I'll get there. 

I don't know about you, but I really really dislike the overstuffed, full of food feeling. It's almost painful to me. This week, I have felt like that once a day almost. It has been rough. I've kept up with my exercise, but my body is like -- why are you feeding me all of this garbage???

You know me. I don't go crazy with food very often. So even this week's craziness has been mild in comparison to most. But for me, it's been rough for my stomach. It's just really hard to eat healthy in Texas when you're eating out for every meal. I can't wait to get back into my kitchen. 

As awful as I have felt from the food, I have loved the fullness I have felt from my time and conversations with friends and family. That is the good kind of full. 

I have been able to sit down with a bunch of my people and just talk for like 3 hours at a time. I have loved every second of it. I think hurrying around NYC for the past 8 months made me forget how much I really love getting coffee with people. I convince myself in the city that I'm just too busy to make time for that, when in actuality I'm too busy and stressed to not make time for that. 

I need the refreshment, the community, the encouragement, and the friendship. This trip has made me realize how important that is. I think that when I get back, I'm going to try harder to keep in touch with all of my people in Texas, and I'm going to actually plan coffee dates with the people around me so that I can build lasting friendships in Brooklyn as well. 

Everybody needs community. Especially busy people.