The Joy of Little Things


We can't always have days when we get that big promotion, we buy our first home, we get married, we have a baby... those big, super joyful moments are often pretty spread out. I've found that noticing and acknowledging little things in your everyday life that make you really happy can keep us from feeling like every day is just another dull day filled with mundane things. Every day, something little and beautiful happens. Even if it is so small, I try to take notice. You can (at least partially) teach yourself to be more optimistic.

As cheesy as this may be, here is a random list of some little things that make me really happy (in no particular order):

  • Bed sheets that are fresh out of the dryer
  • Fresh cut flowers on my table
  • When Morton (my dog) is just staring at me while he chews his bone -- so cute and weird!
  • Coffee dates with friends
  • Being able to tell that someone is smiling on the other end of the phone
  • Reliving parts of my childhood (rollerblading, Spongebob, jumping on a trampoline)
  • Earning sweat
  • When my cashier/waiter/nurse/strangers I interact with are super nice and personable
  • When Matt or my dad fills my car up with gas
  • Waking up on a Saturday and realizing that I can stay in my snuggly warm bed for a little longer
  • The sweet taste of dark chocolate when you haven't had sweets in a while
  • Finishing a puzzle
  • Inversion hangtime
  • Flavored lip balm
  • Matt's grandma's homemade tortillas
  • When the person using the weights you are going to use for your next exercise finishes at the exact time that you need them
  • Beating someone to a section of land before they can cut you off in Settlers of Catan
  • Feeling a cool breeze during an outdoor yoga class
outdoor yoga
  • Ear warmers
  • The citrusy smell of my new cheek stain from Tarte Cosmetics
  • Long walks with Matt and Morton
  • Getting mail
  • The tiny bit of "fall" and "spring" that we get here in Houston
  • Hot tea in a super cute little cup
  • My little "Bible study kit" <-- if you want a video or blog explaining this, comment below (I've been thinking about doing one).
  • Reading in bed
  • When Morton flops his big ole head in my lap
  • Lifting progress (squatting a weight you once weren't even able to lift up off the rack)
  • Laughing with my mom about nothing really
  • A squeaky clean apartment
  • Catching up with old friends
  • When the barista makes a pretty shape in my latte (like a heart or a fern)
  • Finding a new favorite recipe
  • Handwritten notes
  • Free towels at the gym
  • Comments on the blog/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook
  • The brick wall in my apartment
  • The first time I open a stiff-spined, new book
  • The smell of a new book is also noteworthy
  • Positive feedback
  • Finding a really good, cheap pen
  • When one of my favorite songs comes on at the gym
  • Getting organized
  • Freshly painted fingernails
  • The moment when I realize the person I'm talking to at a work function is an Aggie
  • Bubble baths
  • Sitting in the Eno hammock with Matt
hammock copy
  • When practice pays off (or rather, when I notice that it has paid off)
  • Honest conversation
  • Finding out someone is just as weird as I am
  • Really comfortable athletic wear
  • Learning something new
  • The way my feet feel when I first crawl into bed
  • Finally getting over whatever sickness I had
  • Finding something I need on a really good sale
  • Pictures of cute puppies
  • Inside jokes
  • That first morning stretch
  • My ongoing group text conversation with my college roommates
  • Seeing my friends'/family's kids grow up
  • Realizing that a shirt that I haven't worn in forever is actually really cute
  • Holding hands/Hugs/Snuggles
  • Envisioning possibilities

There are so many more things I could add, but I know that you don't want to spend all day reading this haha.

What are some little things in your life that make you smile? Comment below!