The Spotts Park Hustle

The Spots Park Hustle

Here's a great 30-minute HIIT workout for those of you who want to increase your agility, speed, and/or strength while you get your cardio in. You can do these drills anywhere with stairs and some open space. I chose Spotts Park, here in Houston.

Stairs: Warm up with 2 sets going all the way up/down at a medium pace, placing a foot on each step. The stairs I used had 6 landings worth of stairs.

After the warm up, complete 3 sets of stair "ladders" -- run up to the first landing, then back down, run up to the second landing, back down, 3rd landing, back down, 4th, down, 5th, down, 6th, down.

Box Jumps: I used the stairs for these, but you could also use a bench or anything else that is about knee high or taller.

I did 3 sets of 15 jumps up to the 3rd step and then 1 set of quick jumps up onto the 2nd step.

Zig Zags: Run/Jump forward and to either side, creating a zig zag shape with your path. You may do this over a rope or rope ladder or from one side of a side walk to the other.

I went out about 50 yards and back 3 times.

Suicides: If you played any kind of sport in school, you are probably familiar with these. I don't have cones, so I set out 7 disk golf frisbees evenly spaced across about 70 yards. Sprinting at full speed, run to the first marker, back, second, back, third, back, fourth, back, fifth, back, sixth, and sprint as fast as you can back.

Complete 5 times.

Burpees: Starting from standing, jump up with your arms up, and land in a tuck position wish your hands planted on the ground. Shoot your legs back to a high plank position and then hop your feet back up towards your hands.

Do three sets of 15 burpees.

Cool down with a 400 meter jog and then 10 minutes of stretching.