Things I Learned in NYC - Guest Post

My husband and I just got back from an amazing trip to the bustling city of New York. As you would assume, the city is quite different from our home in Houston. Matt made a point to take notes on the things he learned each day and I've compiled them here for your education and enjoyment.

Day 1

  1. If you can't lay down a good honk, you can't drive here
  2. Houston is definitely fatter than the rest if America
  3. The stereotypes aren't entirely true about hospitality here. I saw two youngsters give their train seats up to some elderly out of the goodness of their hearts
  4. Just because a person is white or black doesn't mean they speak English
  5. Bagels are awesome.
NYC Subway

Day 2

  1. It is okay to just tie your dog to a building
  2. If you dye your hair, mustache, goatee, and eye brows all green, you would look ridiculous if you didn't get a matching bow tie and glasses
  3. Bagels are still awesome
  4. The public transit function on the Google maps app is really helpful here
  5. Jaywalking is okay as long as you survive
  6. NYC is very vegan friendly
  7. Some buses here are really nice and some just suck
NYC ads
NYC Jimmy Fallon

Day 3

  1. Dumbo is a place and no one feels weird saying it out loud
  2. Nothing is safe from advertisements... Nothing
  3. Non-Americans make the best tourist photo poses
  4. People have colorful conversations on phones and people have colorful conversations with themselves
  5. The studio work behind talk shows like Jimmy Fallon is hilarious and intricate
  6. The Aggie network exists and sometimes they get you tickets to Jimmy Fallon
  7. Times Square is a spectacle of great TVs
NYC Walking

Day 4

  1. Trash days are hilarious seeing that they just pile trash in the sidewalks which makes for the smells
  2. Can't be nice or polite when walking - kill or be killed
  3. Bathrooms breaks and hydration are things you have to plan our way a head of time
  4. They pronounce their Houston street as Howston
  5. There are piers with soccer fields on them
  6. Walking can be painful
NYC Brooklyn Bridge

Day 5

  1. No one has central AC and opening windows during the summer isn't bad
  2. Bagels will continue to be awesome
  3. Much of what your hear about NYC are stereotypes
  4. Subway doors hurt when they close on you
  5. I would like to live here


The Author

My Husband

Matt McGahen (my husband)


What did you think of his lists? Have you been to NYC? What did you learn?