This Week's Happy 10


The theme of this week has been: give yourself some grace. This week has been kinda nuts for me. Amidst a lot of stuff going on, I have really been trying to allow myself some leniency and take extra time to rest. Hence the fact that this post is going out so late at night (sorry!). I think we're going to keep it pretty chill this weekend. We've never really been the make-reservations-for-dinner type on Valentine's Day -- too expensive and stressful. So we will probably just take it easy and enjoy the warmth of our apartment. 

Here are 10 things that made me happy (my Happy 10) this week (in no particular order):

1. Joining Yogaglo again - My yoga practice has been too sparse over the past couple of months. I needed some inspiration and motivation, so I joined Yogaglo again. You can take "virtual yoga classes" from some of the best teachers out there -- like my girl Kathryn Budig

2. Opening Valentine's Day gifts early - My sweet husband surprised me with a beautiful little DIY air plant terrarium kit and a statement ring from Free People. All the happies.

3. Eating lots of salad - I think half of my happiness with this is the fact that salads are really light, raw, and healthy. And so that makes me feel happy. But I think the other happy half is the fact that salads feel like summer, and summer is so happy. 

4. Learning more from my ABM classes - I'm taking 3 online classes from A Beautiful Mess right now, and I'm learning so much! I'm the type of person who really enjoys learning about new things all the time, so getting the change to learn more about photography, Photoshop, and blogging is such a blessing!

5. Love mail from mom - My sweet mom sent me a huge Valentine's Day care package to work -- yup, and made all my coworkers jealous. It make me feel so loved, and also made me miss my mom a lot. 

6. Adding two new plants to the family - Mom sent me an english ivy and a bamboo plant. Since I live in the city, every little piece of green life is so valuable to me. 

7. NYC Blogger Club - We had our first meet-up last weekend, and it was so wonderful. We brainstormed ideas, encouraged one another, and really just enjoyed each other's company. 

8. Ordering Blog Business Cards - At long last, I finally ordered some blog business cards (preview of the back of the cards is the bottom photo in the collage above). 

9. Kicking off a 3-day weekend - Need I explain? That's obviously really happy.

10. Having friends who understand me - This is always a happy thing, but I had several coffee dates/chats with good friends this week that made me feel really warm. It's so wonderful to have people in your life who want to hear you out can help to make you feel a little less like a complete weirdo!

What are your Happy 10 from this week? Please share! I'd love to hear about your week!