This Week's Workouts - 12/21/15

I posted the photo below on my Instagram account the other day. I was really hesitant about it because, as a trainer, I feel like you guys would expect better from me and I was embarrassed about my regression. The past year has been a really rough one for various personal reasons, and that has really taken a toll on my fitness motivation and routine. 

As I said in my post, after look at this photo comparison of last December vs this one, I'm feeling motivated again to get back down in leanness. In the photo on the left I was 113lbs. In the photo on the right, I'm 123. I don't necessarily have a weight goal, but I do want to get my lean muscle look back (all while increasing my strength, running endurance, and speed for my other fitness goals). 

Matt and I have been traveling a lot over the past month -- Texas, Colorado, Texas again -- and then his brother was in town this weekend, so we haven't been in our normal routine for over a month! I'm excited to get my schedule going again. I'm going to do posts like this each week to both hold me accountable and keep you updated on my progress/journey!

Monday - 30-minute Plyometric HIIT

Tuesday - Legs & Abs + 3 Mile Run

Wednesday - HIIT

Thursday - Shoulders, Calves, Abs

Friday - Back & Biceps + HIIT on Stairmaster

Saturday - 5 Mile Run

Sunday - REST

Overall, I'd say this week was a success. I did skip my Chest and Triceps workout, but I am proud of myself for fitting in 3 HIIT workouts.