Thoughts I Have While Running

  1. I'm so glad I wore this jacket. It's cold today!
  2. Waiting for the GPS to connect... aannnddd let's go!!
  3. Oh no, a lady with a dog. A dog she has no control over. I think I hate that dog as much as Morton does. We should probably cross the street.
  4. Nope. Not crossing the street because Mort decided to poop. Pause GPS watch. Well... I guess I'll stand between this lady's crazed dog and my pooping one. Hopefully this won't be a scene. 
  5. Well that worked surprisingly well. I think I'm basically a dog whisperer. That dog totally understood my body language and backed off.
  6. Alright, restart watch and we're off again!
  7. There sure are a lot of people with strollers in Park Slope.
  8. OMG, look at that kids hat!
  9. It's shaped like a koala face. With ears and everything.
  10. So cute. 
  11. I love this neighborhood. So many cute brownstones.
  12. I love that people leave their drapes open so that I can creep to see what their apartments look like inside while I'm running by.
  13. I think I'm being pretty discreet about it. 
  14. Garbage day block! Can I hold my breath the whole time?
  15. Yes.
  16. Nice. Fresh air and almost to the park!
  17. Why am I the worst at guessing what to wear based on the temperature? I'm sweating.
  18. I need to make a list of outfits to wear based on temperatures.
  19. I should literally do that. And make it into a blog! That's probably a helpful thing for everyone. 
  20. Maybe I should dress planning to freeze for the first mile or two.
  21. I'm gonna run the park the opposite way that everyone else does because I want to run DOWN the hill of death. 
  22. Smart thinkin.
  23. But now I have to make awkward eye contact with every one of the 8 million people in the park today. 
  24. Or should I not make eye contact?
  25. It feels right for running culture to acknowledge other runners and be friendly, but there are just SO many of them!
  26. I'm just gonna look forward.
  27. I love this park. Such a beautiful escape from city life. 
  28. I'm getting into the groove of this pace! It's faster than I planned to do this long run, but I feel pretty good about it. 
  29. That lady is making eye contact with Morton. Should I make eye contact with her?
  30. Or pretend like it's not happening?
  31. I love that people think Morton is so cute.
  32. 3 separate people have said "aww" towards him so far.
  33. Why doesn't anyone say "aww" to me?!
  34. I think this outfit is pretty cute!
  35. But like, it would be pretty weird if someone did. 
  36. If a dude said "aww" at me, I'd roll my eyes so hard at him.
  37. It's probably for the best that people keep their human comments to themselves.
  38. Ugh, dude with his dog off leash -- UMMM ILLEGAL!! 
  39. Should I yell that?
  40. I think I'm too tired to expend that extra effort of yelling. 
  41. I guess I'll just run in the cars lane instead of the runners lane. 
  42. Hopefully, he'll notice and realize how inconsiderate that is. 
  43. His dog is pretty cute though.
  44. So I guess I'll let him pass with a warning.
  45. A passive aggressive move-to-the-other-lane warning that he probably didn't notice.
  46. I love that there are so many people out running today! I live in such a fit city!
  47. We're all in this together! GO BROOKLYN!!
  48. Am I getting a stress fracture? 
  49. My pointer finger toe feels weird.
  50. I know that I can't get lost because this is just a huge loop and I'm on my second lap, but like... I'm not sure where on the map I am right now. 
  51. Is my park exit around this corner?
  52. Nope. 
  53. I should probably do a better job at soaking in my surroundings.
  54. That way, I'll enjoy the run in a stop and smell the roses kinda way and also, I'll start to learn landmarks to know where I am. 
  55. Oh okay, there's the lake. I think that means I'm like a mile away.
  56. 6 miles at 9:01. Not to shabby, McGahen.
  57. And Mort! Going strong. With no potty break fake outs.
  58. We're a power duo.
  59. Now that it's getting dark, I'm actually kinda glad I wore this outfit. 
  60. Almost done, just need to round this corner. Should I power up and sprint to finish?
  61. Nah, I'll just take it easy because I'm tired.
  62. One last hill!
  63. *Sings to self* I'm gonna show you what a little girl's made of -- Gunpowder and... gunpowder and lead!
  64. This was awesome. My lungs feel great. I'm a champion. Morton, you're a champion too.