Thoughts on Crossfit

Matt and I have been going to Crossfit for about a month now. And while it truly has been great, we already canceled our membership. Here's why:

1. Running is My Current Priority

I am a very goal-oriented person. I think having goals transforms "working out" into "training." Which sounds more intense/awesome, and I think makes you more motivated to get out there and do stuff. Right now, my goal is a BQ at NYC. After talking to my running coach about it, I've come to realize that it doesn't make sense to do two activities with conflicting goals. The goal of my run training is to increase my speed. The goal of Crossfit is to get a really good sweat on and build some serious muscle while doing intense things. Now, I do think that you can strength train while marathon training, but I think that one has to be the priority. Once the priority goal is established, the other should be tailored to fit within that goal. So if your goal is muscle gains, you can run, but marathon training may not be the most complimentary way to run. Same with running. If a BQ is your goal, you can still lift, but Crossfit may not be the smartest option because you'll end up with tired legs the day before a sprint workout and then your sprint workout will suffer because of it. It all has to be part of a cohesive plan.

2. I'm Not a Huge Fan of Cleans and Snatches

Part of the reason for that is the simple lack of wrist flexibility. I get scared that I'm going to break my wrists (I know a lot of Crossfitters who have had wrist injuries).

3. It's Expensive

Matt and I are starting to think about starting a family and buying a home in the next couple years and those things cost money. You gotta cut something from the budget to be able to save more. 

That being said, I am not anti-Crossfit. I think if you go to a good box (with solid teaching), you can find a lot of value from going. Here are some things I loved about Crossfit:

1. The Community Aspect

This has always been the most appealing thing to me about Crossfit. I personally think that if all I wanted was to be in good muscular shape, traditional weight lifting would be the best path. But there is something to be said about the value of community. I love that members are friends and hang out outside of the gym. I love that people encourage one another. You simply won't get that from a regular gym membership. 

2. The Solid Training

Not every box is this way, but the one we've been going to has some really great coaches. We completed the Foundations course, which instructs how to do all of the major lifts. I have never been more confident about my deadlift form in my life. Not only do I feel like I can do it better now, but I also think I can teach it better too. 

3. The Lack of Planning Maintenance on My Part

I like showing up and having someone else tell me what to do. Sometimes having to plan a workout can be a huge inhibitor for me getting my butt into the weight room. The box we've been going to creates programming in phases, similar to traditional weight lifting, like endurance, hypertrophy, and strength. And you don't have to create any of that planning yourself. 

Who knows... we may end up back in a Crossfit gym after the NYC Marathon. But for now, this is our last month of WODs. 

Have you tried Crossfit? What are your thoughts?