Tone It Up Bikini Series

Bikini Series and Insanity I'm so excited that the TIU Bikini Series started yesterday! We started the 8 week challenge at a full sprint -- literally, the first workout was a sprint interval that started "full throttle." I also started the Insanity program and will be doing those workouts as my morning cardio, or "BootyCall" as TIU would say. I've taken my measurements, set some goals, and am looking forward to seeing results!


  • Follow the TIU nutrition plan
  • Meta-D (TIU metabolism boosting drink) every morning
  • Practice my splits every day
  • Drink 90 oz of water every day
  • Complete the Insanity program
  • Prep next day meals in the evening
  • Check-in with the TIU community daily on the community page, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Build confidence in myself


  • Chest: 33
  • L Bicep: 10
  • R Bicep: 10
  • Waist: 26
  • Hips: 35
  • L Thigh: 20
  • R Thigh: 20
  • L Calf: 13
  • R Calf: 13
  • Weight: 116.8
  • Body Fat %: 18.2 (not sure if I used the caliper correctly on this one, but I think I did)

Starting Point for My Splits:


I will be checking in regularly on Twitter and Instagram from my TIU accounts: @tiubridgetm

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