Tone It Up - Love Your Body

I purchased the Tone It Up nutrition plan ($150) in November and bought their workout DVD ($30) in December. I love the trainers, Karina and Katrina. The plan includes a lifetime membership to their updates and is, in my opinion, worth every penny. They're knowledgeable, encouraging, creative, fun, and gorgeous. I'm a pretty firm believer in the idea that your trainer should be better than you at whatever they are training you in. I would probably not take advice from a chubby personal trainer--but I digress. All that to say, these girls have rockin' bods and anyone would love to look like them. I trust their advice. The girls have put out a [totally free] challenge to gear up for Valentine's Day. It's a six week long fitness challenge. They send workouts, nutrition tips, and motivation, and will be giving away VSX merch. Guys, it's so cool. If you're into fitness (or want to be), you should definitely check-ch-che-che-cheh-ch-check it out!

Here is a link to the blog where they post the goods.

Today, they sent out a cardio workout and a fine toning workout. I woke up 30 min early and did the "Surfer Girl" workout from their DVD. After work, I did the Cupid Cardio on the spin bike (jog = gear 7, sprint = gear 15). It took me a little over 30 minutes to complete the 12 mile workout. I stretched that out with their fine toning Sunset Workout.



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