Toned Up Premiere

Toned Up Premiere 2 What a fun night!! 15 of us #TIUHouston girls gathered up at Bree's house last night to watch the premiere of the show Toned Up. If you're not familiar with Tone It Up, let me explain a bit: Tone It Up is a fitness brand that unites women from all over the world to pursue a more healthy lifestyle. They post free workouts and recipes on their blog and YouTube channel. Hardcore Tone It Up fans become members, which means they get the full nutrition plan and other special stuff (like emails, updates, recipes, etc.) Tone It Up is a big accountability group, so we Houston girls use the #TIUHouston hashtag to check in with one another and then use the #TIUteam hashtag to check in with the whole team.

It's a pretty cool thing. I've been a member since November of 2012, and I love it. Karena and Katrina are so down to earth and goofy; you can't help but love them.

#TIUHouston got together last night at 8pm and shared some #TIUapproved snacks. I brought what I normally bring, my favorite little cucumber bites.

Toned Up Premiere 1

I also decorated my chalkboard so that we could all take a picture with it! The show didn't start until 9:30, so we had ample time to meet new girls and chat with old friends. It's really cool how well we all get along. Maybe we're especially cheerful and friendly because of all the endorphins pumping through our veins... idk.

All of us have been so excited about this show since we first heard about it months ago. The show is basically an inside look into K&K's lives and the Tone It Up brand. It's really enjoyable to watch.

I LOVED the part where they were talking about doing workouts with dogs -- like shoulder pressing a Papillion -- ridiculously funny!! I just about died laughing when they were going into serious detail about that idea -- "We just have to make sure that we keep them under 10lbs... We could bring in a rescue organization to let girls who don't have dogs borrow dogs for the workout." hahahah

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the show:

"A lady doesn't pee in the sand!" (Oh Karena...) "Some might say the beach is one big litter box." "B*** trying to get us to call our exes..." (In response to her car GPS making a random phone call) "These are our girls." (How they get motivated before leading a bootcamp. They really seem to care about their team.) "Meooow. Meow. Meow." (Cat convo) "It looks like you're going hippie." (Karena's armpits were stained black from her sweatshirt) "At Tone It Up, there's always this interesting element of business that really needs to be done and complete ridiculousness." "Our relationship is so crazy because we actually spend more time together than any married couple." "We all live together... like Three's Company. Yeah, we like it." (K&K&Brian all in one house) "It looks like a rainbow threw up." (Brian's response to K&K's chair purchase from SkyMall)

There were so many laugh out loud moments. I loved it!! My only suggestions are that 1) I wish it started earlier (I normally go to bed at 9:30) and I wish it were longer (we want more!!).

Can't wait for next week!!

Did you guys watch? What were your favorite moments?


PS. We had some really funny conversations that I am pretty sure only TIU girls would get such a kick out of. We talked about taking gym selfies to upload without looking like a total loser, we talked about our obsessions with K&K, and when we introduced ourselves to one another we said stuff like, "Oh! are you @jazzyandsnazzy_tiu on Instagram??" hahah good times!