Tonight's Meditation (Yoga at Taft)

Come to a comfortable seated position (indian style). Palms are on your knees. Sit up nice and tall. Bring your shoulders up, back and down. Chin and head are parallel to the ground. Close your eyes and begin to breathe more deeply--we don't do this often enough. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Keep breathing.

The body that God gave you is a remarkable gift -- enough so that He chose to make it His temple.

We are called to use our bodies to bring glory to Him.

--Take time to breathe and remember the one who gave you breath--

For the next few minutes, begin to identify the things in your life that you need to breathe out. What do you need to let go of? Some of it just needs to be gone.


Now what are the things in your life you need to breathe in? What are the truths you need to fill up with?


God, we thank you for bodies that can move. We thank you for our health and for the breath in our lungs. Help us to remember this graciousness. Amen.

****this meditation was based on the sermon "Comfortable in Skin: Why Matter, Matters to God" by my pastor, Chris Seay.