Top 5 Feelings: Boulder Backroads Marathon Week

I often semi-jokingly ask Matt things like, "What were the top 5 feelings you had today?" He's not much of a talk-about-your-feelings guy, so I think it's funny to ask him weird questions like that. Whether or not he thinks they're funny is still up for debate. 

I, on the other hand, have plenty of emotions that I frequently [read: constantly] talk about. So, if you were curious, here are the top 5 (in no particular order) feelings that I have leading up to the Boulder Backroads Marathon this Sunday:

1. Excited

I registered for this race a LONG time ago. Definitely before I knew that I got in for NYC, so at least before March. I think it was probably in January or February. So it's been in the back of my mind, inching closer and closer to the forefront for a while. I'm excited about the experience of a small race. I'm excited about my swag -- finisher bling, tech tshirt, goodie bag, etc. I'm easy to please, what can I say?

2. Afraid

I too often think in worst case scenarios. The worst case scenario for this race is that I injure myself to the point that I can't run NYC (my goal race) on November 6th. I also haven't run longer than 15 miles at a time since 2010. I keep trying to tell myself that since I'm running it at long run pace as if it were a training run, not a race, I shouldn't worry about injury. And I also keep looking at the map and feeling slightly reassured that since the full is just 2x the half course, I will never be further than 6ish miles from the start line, if I ever need to bail. 

3. Cautious

I'm trying to take this taper week really serious. I'm not drinking caffeine or alcohol. I'm trying to stay super hydrated. I'm turning down invites for things that involve unplanned physical activity -- definitely don't want to blow out my legs on a hike 4 days before running a marathon. I stubbed my toe on a box of books in our hallway yesterday (we just upgraded to a 2BR because my brother in law moved in with us, and we still haven't unpacked our books), and so now I'm being crazy cautious about where I'm walking. How terrible would it be to run a marathon on a broken toe? Or worse, have to not do a marathon you've been training hundreds of miles for because you stubbed your toe on a box?

4. Inspired

Race week reminds me why I do all the work that I do. It inspires me to push myself harder, to get up early, and to put in the time. This is just one step closer to getting me that BQ at NYC!

5. Confident

I have never trained in a more regimented way for something in my life. And while this coming race isn't the end goal race, I've still put a ton of miles in before this race could happen. I also have never worked with a personal trainer/coach before. Neely has done a lot to instill confidence in me.