Using Fresh Herbs


Matt and I usually buy the powdered/dried versions of spices and herbs because we convince ourselves that that if we bought fresh, we would waste most of it. Last week, I wanted to try using some fresh stuff -- it's just so much more flavorful! I didn't want to waste so I just got mint, onions, and garlic because (aside from basil) those are the 3 herbs/spices that we use most often.

It's seriously been great. I've been using the herbs at a good rate, and I don't think I will waste anything! Our food has tasted extra fresh and flavorful, and I've felt like a chef haha.

It's funny because these onions definitely make my eyes water. I'm talking like tears streaming down my face uncontrollably. #worthit

Not that dried stuff is bad. It's just (obv) not as fresh.

Here's what I cooked last night:

green beans

Super simple, super healthy, super yummy.

All I did was sautee the spices in coconut oil for a bit and then added in the green beans and edamame. I sauteed the shrimp in the same spices and then added them together. Totally no fuss.

Morton was definitely envious.

morton shrimp

What are your go-to herbs and spices?