Using Google Sheets to Keep Myself Organized


Hi Friends! Today I want to share with you guys something that is near and dear to my heart -- organization :)

The other day, Matt mentioned that one of our friends organizes his life using Google Sheets. At first, I thought that sounded a little weird, but yesterday, I started trying it out and I think I might like it!

I'm very type A. I like having a system. I like having a plan. I thrive in routine. 

These three worksheets are complete works in progress, and will be updated along the way.

Sheet 1: Ideal Week

I heard about this idea on one of the podcasts I listen to during my subway commute (The Delightful Life). The basic concept is to sketch out what you would ideally like for you week to look like in blocks of time. This will help motivate you to use your time more wisely. 

I drafted my ideal week (above), but now that I'm looking at it, I kind of think it would make more sense for Matt and I to switch to working out in the morning. So I will probably change that up. But it makes me feel like I have more time when I see it all laid out.

Sheet 2: Workout Planner

This one is pretty straightforward. I just want to have my workout plans written out so that I can check them off as I do them. My list-oriented brain loves checking stuff off. I think I'm going to grey out the workouts I've completed. 

Sheet 3: Meal Planner

This planner and these macros are on trial. I'm trying out a lower carb intake, as I'm trying to lean out a bit and because I've been doing significantly less cardio now that I'm no longer training for a distance running race. 

Planning the whole week out (this first week is super boring because I didn't have enough time to get creative) will be helpful for both grocery buying and food motivation.

Other Sheets I Might Add:


I think I'll add a goals sheet where I can write out my short-term and long-term goals and then document progress. 


I want to keep track of my social media and blog stats so that I can see growth (or lack thereof) as it happens. I figure I can update stats at the first of each month to see my progress.


Personal finance has always been stressful for me. I'm doing a lot better lately and have been using some apps on my iPhone to track my spending, but I'd like to have my high-level budget tracker in this Google Sheet life planner as well. 

Blog Content Tracker

I currently use Evernote to hold my list of post ideas, and my content schedule, but I think I'd like to add a more detailed version of this with action items/status into this workbook. This way I can track if I've taken photos, done research, and drafted content for each post. I'd like to get ahead and have posts scheduled for the whole week by Sunday night.

Products Planner

Spoiler alert: After I get my personal training certification, I'd like to start supplying products for sale on this site. I'm thinking eBooks about nutrition, workout plans, meditations, etc. If you have requests for eBooks, I'm going to start working on those very soon.

Question of the Day:

How do you keep yourself organized?