Wall Street Heart Run and Walk Recap

photo 3

The company that I work for sent a group of 20 people to the Wall Street Run and Heart Walk (5k) last night. This was my first NYC race, and it was so fun!

Those of you in the south are probably thinking -- omg, you ran a 5k race in June?!?! The weather actually wasn't bad! Most of the race was shaded by buildings. The only part that was brutal was the last stretch on the edge of the Hudson river. That part was very sunny!

photo 1

We took the subway from the office to Park Place to drop our stuff off, and then headed to the start line.

photo 2

The run was gorgeous. The Wall Street area is packed full of old, historic buildings that were built back when people made buildings look awesome. I loved getting a mini tour of downtown while doing this run!

photo 4

The funny thing about running in NYC is that there are always pedestrians everywhere. Even though they had closed off all the roads we were running on, people were still trying to "Frogger" their way across so that they could get home from work. It was kind of crazy. At one point, there was a homeless woman with a shopping cart standing right in the middle of the street -- haha. And all the runners were just going around her.

Surprisingly, I kept up with my 8 minute pace, which was a pretty ambitious goal considering the fact that I hardly run anymore (weight lifting, bay bay!!).

My friend and coworker, Clare Bluck, placed 1st in women. She's so speedy!! I think her finish time was barely over 18 minutes!!

photo 6

What did y'all think? Have any of you run this race before? Comment below!