What a Regular Workday Looks Like For Me

Blogging from the airport today!

My good friend Katie Ringley posted about what her regular weekday looks like this morning. As I was reading it, I found it so interesting because her workday looks quite different from mine. She is an entrepreneur and sets her own hours. I work in the corporate world. So here's what my days normally look like:

5:30 am - First alarm goes off. Lately, I've scoffed at my phone when I hear the noise, turn the alarm off quickly and return to sleep. (The goal is to workout in the morning so that I have a more free evening. It doesn't always happen that way)

6:00 am - Second alarm goes off. If I'm running that morning, this would be the time for me to go. If I didn't run, I usually lay in bed and catch up on social media and read blogs until I absolutely have to get up.

7:00 am - Final alarm goes off. No options. I have to get up to get ready for work. If I already ran/worked out, I have to get in the shower at this point. So I shower, get ready, pack my lunch, cook up some scrambled eggs, and head out the door. 

8:00 am - I start walking to the subway. My ride can be really stressful. The train is always jam packed to the point where you're trapped between people on all sides (as if you're at a Warped Tour show or something). I try to distract myself from how uncomfortable the situation is by reading. If I get a seat, I'm golden. If I don't get a seat, I basically have to try to one hand my book (currently Throne of Jade) while holding onto the nearest pole. 

9:00 am - I get to work, put my food in the fridge, fill up my S'well bottle, and sort through my emails. My boss tends to send me emails when his kids wake up in the morning, so I usually expect to have 2-3 from like 7am that morning from him and then anything from people who stayed late at work the night before. 

Acting as a catch-all marketing person means that the stuff I work on looks really different day-to-day. My job includes PR, social media, writing published thought leadership articles, creating presentations for conferences, creating case studies/product sheets, working on the website, and more. With the holidays being around the corner, I have also been spending a good chunk of time on our client holiday eCards and gifts. 

That being said, it's kind of hard to tell you what I'm working on on a "normal" day, so let's just call this an example day. 

9-10: Catch up on emails, create the day's to-do lists, and schedule posts for Twitter. 

10-11: I often have morning status meetings during this time where I meet with my team to discuss what our priorities are and what we need from one another. 

11:00 am - I usually have my morning snack at this time at my desk. 

11:00am - 12:30pm - Review a case study draft that the case studies task force sent me. Provide my feedback in comments and send it back to them for edits. 

12:30-1:00pm - Eat lunch at my desk. I've been trying to eat less meat lately, so I've been packing sauteed tempeh and green beans most days. During lunch, I usually read blogs and check in on Instagram.

1:00pm - 3:00pm - Get a good chunk of work done. This week, I've been working on a product press release and creating some new logos. 

3:00pm - Afternoon snack (usually a protein bar). Sometimes I try to get outside and take a lap around the office to just get some sunlight before the sun goes down.

3:30-6:00pm - Another good chunk of work. Perhaps packing/labeling client gifts to get ready to send next week and then going back to my desk to work on writing some content for an article that we're going to get published. I also usually have review meetings with my boss and/or his boss in the afternoon. They review my work and tell me their changes so that I can get my stuff finalized.

6:00pm - 7:00pm - Commute home & read more. Sometimes I read from the SheReadsTruth app on my way home (it's too hard to get myself to focus if I try to read the bible on the train in the morning).

7:00-7:30pm - Whine about how tired I am until Matt convinces me that I need to be productive. 

7:30pm - Cook/eat dinner and check emails/respond to blog comments

8:00pm - Go to the gym if I haven't already

9:00pm - Have some tea and watch Arrow on Netflix

10:00pm - Bedtime :)

Winter is tough because the darkness sucks my motivation out of me. It's also tough for blogging because I don't have any daylight to take good photos. I try to take photos and do most of my blog work on the weekend, if possible. That way I can just schedule stuff throughout the week. 

I want to start adding YouTube video creation/editing into my schedule, so I'm going to try to squeeze that into my weekends as well. 

What does your weekday routine look like? 

What videos do you want me to create?