What I've been reading lately


Ever since I moved to NYC, I've become a much more avid reader -- it helps that I have 2 hours of reading time built into each weekday (subway commute). I've read some really great stuff lately, and I wanted to share with you guys!

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Two copies of this book were given to us by friends when we were engaged. Both of us read it, but it really didn't resonate with me until I reread it recently. Pairing this book with the background 2.5 years of marriage was a much different experience. I seriously love this book and would recommend it to any Christian married couple. Gary does a great job of working through tough topics, topics that cause fights, and laying them out next to scripture. 

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette by Nathan W. Pyle

I picked up this awesome coffee table book from the store because I heard about it on Facebook. Turns out, Nathan goes to a different campus of my church (Apostles).  This book is so helpful and funny at the same time. It's packed with images like the one on the cover that explain how to not be annoying in NYC. It's great for New Yorkers because you can empathize with frustrations, but it's especially great to show to your guests who are visiting the city before they make a bunch of New Yorkers mad. 

Shut Up and Tweet by Phil Pallen

This is another small world situation book for me. My blogger friend at Madly Mignon recommended this book to me. I purchased it and posted about it on Instagram. Another friend of mine was like Oh awesome! You got my friend's book that I was telling you about! I was confused. She had told me about her friend in California who does branding weeks before, and I totally hadn't made the connection. Anyways -- about the book. This book is such a quick read, but it has a lot of succinct, helpful tips for building your Twitter following. Mine has gone from 300 to 900 in the past month!

Blog Inc by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

I saw some of my favorite bloggers posting about this book and had to get it. I read it about 6 months ago, but I'm rereading it now that I have a new site/more passion. It's really great because it walks you through everything from finding your voice to earning money through blogging. It also features stories of real bloggers' success. 

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Y'all, I love this book. So much. It's been one of my very favorites since my mom read it to me when I was a kid. Bill Bryson is a great writer. He is so stinking funny and clever. This book is about a middle-aged guy (Bill) and his friend from college (with basically no hiking experience) hiking the Appalachian trail. I have definitely laughed out loud by myself sitting on the subway while reading this book. I think I'm going to pick up Bill's book about his time in Europe next. 

Proverbs (I read the ESV version)

I've been trying to make my way through all of the books of the prophets, but after Jeremiah, I needed a break. So, right now I'm reading Proverbs, which is considered the wisdom literature of the Bible. It's practical tips for godly living.

NAFC Nutrition Coach Foundations

I am so excited to share this with you guys. After much consideration, I have decided to sign up to get certified as a nutrition coach. My new blogger friend at KatiesFitScript is going through the NAFC program and she recommended it to me. What does that mean for me? Well, right now I'm learning about everything from cell function to the digestive system. In the future, I plan to provide you guys with the opportunity to get Nutrition plans here on Sweat Stretch Eat. Stay tuned!

What have you been reading lately?