What You Should and Should Not Watch on the Treadmill


In the winter months, I run about as many runs on the treadmill as I do outdoors. Honestly, it's more because of the darkness than it is because of the cold. I'd rather run in the cold than run in the dark. It wasn't as big of a deal in NYC because street lights made it not seem so dark, but here in Colorado, dark is dark. If I don't lace up immediately after work, I'll be running in the pitch black darkness. 

All that to say, I've tested my fair share of shows for treadmillability, and here's what I've found, in my opinion, to be the good and the bad.

Great Shows to Watch on the Treadmill


  • Parks & Rec
  • The Office
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • New Girl
  • The Bachelor
  • Arrested Development
  • Community 
  • 30 Rock


  • Scream Queens
  • Sherlock
  • Flash
  • Arrow


  • American Ninja Warrior
  • American Grit
  • Survivor


  • Fixer Upper 
  • House Hunters

Shows You Should Not Watch on the Treadmill


  • Sex and the City
  • Game of Thrones
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Westworld
  • Really, any HBO show
  • Gossip Girl

Too Slow

  • Gilmore Girls
  • Friends
  • Chef's Table
  • Portlandia

Too Emotional

  • Parenthood
  • The Voice (am I the only one who cries while watching this show?)

What shows do you like watching on the treadmill? And which shows have you found to be embarrassing to watch on the treadmill?