What's in My Everyday Tote Bag


I carry this Livewell 360 tote with me basically everywhere. In New York, you basically have to pack for the entire day when you leave in the morning because you don't have the option of leaving stuff in your car. 


This bag is great because it has lots of pockets, plenty of space, is really durable, and it is a tote -- which is the most socially acceptable type of bag to carry on the subway (big bag that can be maneuvered out of people's way, unlike a backpack which is in everyone's way). 

I also love that the straps have snaps so that you have the option of snapping them together if you want to. 

So here's what I typically carry with me to work/to the gym. 

1. Gym clothes + lock + headphones

On days that I workout during lunch, I typically bring shoes, socks, a tank, and some leggings. I'm lazy about carrying stuff, so on these days I usually wear my sports bra underneath whatever I have on. In fact, I often wear my leggings too. 

2. (Not pictured) All the food

I eat 3-4 times while I'm at work. I usually bring some fruit for a morning snack, chicken and broccoli for lunch, and a Quest bar for an afternoon snack. It's not pictured today because I'm grabbing Chipotle with Katie for lunch and I already have my fruit/Quest bars at the office. Like a boss. 

3. Umbrella

I've found that it's best for me to just always have my umbrella in one of my tote's side pockets. This way, I'm always prepared. I guess I could look at the weather before I leave every morning, but that's a lot of work. 

4. Water

Whether I bring my 32oz Nalgene or my little 16oz Nalgene, I always have water with me. This helps me to hit my daily 100oz goal. 

5. Notebooks + Pens

If I get a seat on my way to/from work, I try to make a point to study for my Nutrition Coach exam. I take notes in my black spiral and have my textbook on my phone. I also carry little notebooks to take notes on speakers or on blogging ideas. 

6. Bible

I try to spend the first part of my morning commute reading the Bible. Since I have such a teeny Bible, it's pretty easy to stand and read. I read the ESV version

7. Planner

Can't leave without this thing. I'm such a list-maker. I need this to keep me on track. 

8. Whatever book I'm reading

Guys, did I mention that I have a really long commute? Haha. Lots of reading time. Right now, I'm reading Humility by Andrew Murray

9. Beauty products

Tissues, my favorite Cake Batter chapstick, deodorant, nail file... you know, the essentials. 

10. Gloves

It's really cold in New York these days, and I am so glad I bought these Marmot gloves. I can use my phone with them on (k thanks, technology) and they keep me from getting frost bite haha. 

11. Normal purse stuff

Wallet & keys

What do you carry with you to work everyday?