When no one shows up for your class

no one

If you are a yoga or group ex instructor, you have probably been able to empathize with me at some point in your career. You plan out your class and your music. You make the trip to your gym/studio and set up your classroom. And then no one comes.

It's pretty sad.

To make my evening even more sad, the bikes were not moved out of my classroom. The cycling people left the room about 6 minutes before my class was supposed to start, so I frantically tried to just move them over to the side instead of completely out of the room. After I finished moving the bikes, I laid out my mat and began stretching -- surely my students would show up soon. I knew this was only the second yoga class that my gym has ever offered, but surely at least one person would show.

I waited 5 min. No one. I looked around the gym and everyone was in the zone with whatever they were doing.

I put my music on and started stretching. Now it's 10 minutes after class was supposed to start. Is no one coming? How long should I wait?

I started just practicing on my own -- might as well be kind of productive with this time. I did some sun salutations, some standing postures, and then some inversions. I was able to get 4 seconds of hang time in this handstand variation.


After 17 minutes had gone by, I decided to leave, feeling pretty insecure and dejected. I rolled up my mat, left the bikes where they were, and walked home.

I didn't want to wallow, so I did some cheerful things: played with my dog, bought myself some lovely flowers, and watched a couple comedies on Netflix. This was just what my heart needed.


I know it would be my natural inclination to be mad or frustrated about the fact that no one showed up, but that's not the best reaction. Instead, I'm going to dust myself off and show up again for my class on Tuesday.

Has this ever happened to any of you? Let me know!