I'm jumping on board with the WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) crew -- even though I still don't 100% understand. 


Do I post the things I ate on Wednesday... at the end of the day Wednesday or on Thursday?

Or do I post the things I ate on Tuesday on Wednesday?

I think I'll stick with the latter for now :)

As you may have seen in yesterday's blog, I cooked some Lorna Jane NOURISH recipes for breakfast. I made the classic omlette with spinach and mushrooms, and the "mild" green smoothie. As always, I was in a rush after posting the blog yesterday, so I took my smoothie to-go and ended up having it as a mid-morning snack at work. 

Note: I had to make sure it was really well sealed because the subway train was flying like a bat down the tracks this morning. 

I prepped my lunch the night before (lovely, posed photo above), but when I actually ate the food, it was in a glass tupperware on a metal table at Bryant Park. The park is quite close to my office, so I go there with work friends whenever I get a chance. The weather was surprisingly pleasant in the shade, despite the 90 degree forecast. 

I had my 2 oranges at lunch, and then held out on microwaving my quest bar (12 seconds!!) until 2:45pm. I try to make it all the way to 3pm, but some days I don't make it. Today was one of those days. 

To hold myself over until I got home, I had a cup of green tea sweetened with a teeny bit of stevia at around 3:30pm. 

I had every intention of making a beet and lentil salad for dinner tonight, but all I wanted was comfort foods. Although craving pizza, I settled on some greek yogurt, blueberries, and granola. Not the best dinner, but on a day like today, it could have been a lot worse (aka dollar slice). 

greek yogurt.jpg

By the end of the day, I had a solid 96oz of water! We had planned to go to watch our friends play shuffleboard in Park Slope (Brooklyn) after dinner, but since both Matt and I were feeling really tired, we decided to just relax at home.