WIAW 3 + Personal Training

So I've been thinking a lot about getting a personal training certification (the NASM) lately. I'd really love to be more knowledgeable for you guys, and I'd love to be more of a resource to my friends and family. I want to help people become healthier!

Matt and I chatted for a bit about what that would look like. One thing that I definitely know I want to think about is how I can best serve you guys and the people around me as a trainer. I think my default trainer personality is something close to Jillian Michaels -- which is a little to harsh to motivate most people. Especially through a computer. 

I want my teaching style and my encouragement to model my 4 favorite instructors: Kathryn Budig, Karena Dawn, Katrina Hodgson, and Bob Harper. 

Kathryn is a super fun yoga instructor who teaches all over the world. She's so down to earth and loveable. She makes yoga fun, and she doesn't take herself too seriously. She's extremely relatable. 

Karena and Katrina (the Tone It Up girls) are so good at creating a community and making people feel pretty. They go out of their way to meet people and, like Kathryn, are super goofy. 

Bob is one of the Biggest Loser trainers. I love watching him train people because he really seems to care about their lives and motivates them in a really loving way. 

I plan to spend some time studying these four awesome instructors more before and while I work on my PT certification. Hopefully, I'll start my training this fall!


Okay. This week's WIAW isn't going to be super exciting. I had a CRAZY busy day at work, so I hardly had time for anything. 

For breakfast, I had 2 eggs, 1 egg white, and a cup of greek yogurt and granola. This is more than I normally have for breakfast because I knew what my work schedule looked like for the day, and I didn't know if I would have time for my 10am snack. 

I didn't have time for my snack. And I only had time to scarf down about half of my lunch (chicken and a big salad) before a meeting. 

I ate my afternoon quest bar in a meeting. 

After dinner, we packed our stuff and went to the gym. I sipped on a Cellucor BCAA sample while lifting. 

When we got home, we made protein smoothies. I got a new protein powder this week that tastes amazing. Cellucor is my current favorite protein powder. They have such fun flavors!! For my smoothie, I just mixed a frozen banana with a scoop of protein, fresh raspberries, and coconut water. 

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you don't have time for anything-- not even food?