Yep, I Still Plan to Run Boston 6 Months Postpartum


The Boston Marathon is TODAY! Three of my closest girlfriends are running this year. I'm all set up with text tracking to see how they do along the way. The Boston Marathon is THE Marathon. It's super important for a lot of runners to be able to get into the race and run it. I'm so excited for my friends who are running today and so excited to get my chance next April. 


My qualifying race last November, the NYC Marathon, was past the registration deadline for Boston 2017, so I have to wait until 2018 to run. That provided a little window for us to try for a baby, while still giving myself enough time to recover and train for the April race.

If you're not a runner, you may not understand the importance of this race. I hired a coach and trained 50-60 miles a week (the hardest I've ever worked) to get a qualifying time. I don't need to do it fast, but I need to do it. Boston doesn't allow you to defer your race -- even if you're pregnant or your family member died or you're horribly injured. You just have to qualify again. 

It's fun to envision what today will look like for us next year -- I'll probably be a bit heavier and slower than normal, Matt will have our little one in a stroller or Ergo carrier, I'll probably be sleep deprived. I want our children to see us being active and prioritizing health & fitness. I want that to be a part of our family culture. 

Running Boston 6 months postpartum will be a good start for that. 

The Plan

The goal is to maintain as much of my fitness/endurance as I can throughout my pregnancy so that I'm not starting completely from ground zero when I get doctor clearance to start running again in November or December.

My first trimester was really tough for health and fitness. All I wanted to eat was starchy carbs, and running made me want to vomit. Not to mention, my chest grew two sizes, so none of my sports bras fit anymore and the bounce of running proved to be super painful. 

Now that I'm officially in the second trimester and I bought some new bras, I'm really hoping to be able to run more. My nausea, exhaustion, and chest tenderness has greatly reduced and I am beginning to feel closer to normal. And while my belly is not flat like it normally is, I'm not really showing, so that's not a running hindrance for me yet.

I talked to my doctor about fitness at my last appointment and she encouraged me to stay active. She provided the following guidance:

  1. Don't run at a pace/distance to where you can't hold a conversation because that means the baby is being deprived of oxygen
  2. When lifting weights, don't do anything that puts pressure on your belly (such as weighted glute bridges)
  3. Don't do any exercises that require laying flat on your back once you're into your first trimester
  4. Be mindful that your joints are going to be more loose while you're pregnant because of the relaxin hormone being produced, so just be extra careful and mindful of aches/pains when running/lifting
  5. Be sure to always warm up before a work out and always stretch/do kegels after

In my second trimester, I'm hoping to do 40ish minutes of running (or bike/elliptical if I can't run) 4 times a week + lifting weights 3-4 times a week. 

Obviously, the health of this baby is paramount, so if I need to stop at some point, I'll stop. But for the time being, my doctor would rather me workout and run than not.

Anyone else do a race pretty soon after baby? Thoughts? Advice?