YogaSmoga Tippy Toe Leggings

Based in New York City, YOGASMOGA is a kind-natured athletic apparel company with a heart for authenticity. One thing that I really love about the company is that they refuse to photoshop the bodies of their models. They believe that we are beautiful in our natural form, and don't need to look like an unattainable standard of perfection. 

They were kind enough to send me a pair of their super popular Tippy Toe leggings, and I'm in love. The fabric feels rich and stretches really well. I did a forward fold test to check on booty transparency, and the fabric was thick enough there that people in a yoga class with me wouldn't see too much! (This is super important when looking for yoga leggings). 

I love the fit of these leggings. They stretch really well during my yoga practice, and the waistband lands perfectly on my hips -- they don't feel too high up, but they also don't slide down and expose my undies when I bend over.

If you typically find yourself between sizes, I would choose the bigger size. Otherwise, you can choose your normal size.  

They come in a number of colors, ranging from super bright neons to more subtle black. 

These leggings are made in the USA and support fair wages to workers right in our backyard. YOGASMOGA cares about people and about the environment, and they seek to do as much good as they can in their business. 

Have you tried out apparel from YOGASMOGA? If so, what did you think? What are your favorite items?